Analysing a Poor Performing IT Team at an International Retail Bank

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Part 1: The Problem and Intervention
The Problem

The client involved was an international retail bank. For more than a year the bank’s board were becoming increasingly concerned about the performance of a key IT team. The feedback the organisation was receiving from the IT Manager was that all was well within the team, but senior management and HR were receiving contradictory information about this team. They were informed that the team’s morale was low, and that key people were getting very frustrated – especially the more recently hired and very well qualified younger team members. Given the competitive nature of banking, the bank was relying on this key team to deliver value, which was not happening.

Consequently, the EDAC team were tasked by the Board to assess this IT team and provide an analysis and recommendation.

The Intervention
 The Goal
  1. To gain a better understanding of the internal dynamics of the IT team
  2. To review the team’s management and try to get an independent view of the team’s performance

 Each team member underwent the following:

  • Psychometric profiling with the Linked Psychometric Assessment (LPA)
  • An appreciation of capability & potential with the MCPA
  • 360-degree performance report with the ELDI – looking at both positive and negative aspects

Results were then analysed to provide the business with both individual and collective data.

See part 2 of the results overview.