MCPA-SCAN is an online variant of the full MCPA suited to junior to middle-management levels.

The MCPA – SCAN assesses:

  • Current capability to manage complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty
  • Decision-making capability (operational through to strategic)
  • Theme of Work where he / she will experience ‘flow’ and engagement
  • Future potential

Features and Process:

  • The MCPA-SCAN is derived from the full MCPA
  • It is a semi-automated process
  • Candidates complete an online questionnaire (approx. 1 hour)
  • An MCPA practitioner reviews and finalises the result
  • Current and future potential is reported on

The MCPA – SCAN will be beneficial when you need to:

  • Select the ‘right people into the right roles’
  • Select or develop junior to middle-management level employees
  • Increase the level of flow and engagement in your organisation
  • Create a platform for mentoring and career path management
  • Develop talent pools for succession planning
  • Enhance job and organisational performance
  • Improve talent retention, job satisfaction and commitment

Outputs of the MCPA – SCAN:

  • Reports are made available to both organisations and candidates
  • Reports are available after 24 hours
  • Reports include current / future potential and developmental actions
  • Feedback can be provided on request at an additional cost


The MCPA-Scan is available in the following languages

  • English
  • Portuguese (Brazil)

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