Executive Development Assessment Center

EDAC is an assessment technology company that specialises in the development and distribution of online psychometric and other assessment instruments. These are used primarily for management and leadership selection and development, and to support recruitment decisions.

EDAC is a B2B business that partners with, as well as licenses and trains, medium to large leadership consultancy firms across the globe to be able to use our products, as part of their management and leadership assessment offering.

Executive Assessment Center

Our Products


MCPA is an online variant of the full Career Path Appreciation, an interview process originally developed by Bioss in the UK.Read More »


MCPA – SCAN is an online variant of the full MCPA suited to junior to middle-management levels.Read More »


LPA is a comprehensive online personality assessment tool, which assesses 6 core personality areas, and 29 sub-dimensions.Read More »


The ELDI is sophisticated 360-degree assessment, which compares an individual’s self-assessment to that of managers, colleagues, etc.Read More »

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